What 2016 Taught Me!

Hello! Today I'd like to share with you a great experience that 2016 brought me.

In Jan/2015 I started a technical blog called MatheusDBA, focused in Oracle Database stuff. In November 2015, some friends specialized in other Oracle related technologies joined me as new authors and we renamed the blog to

In 2016, the first official year of, we had over 26,000 accesses from more than 160 different countries. Indeed, almost every country in the world was in this year. And this is spectacular considering we discuss very specific topics about Oracle Database and Applications. See below our accessing map of 2016.


The accesses are still growing every day, which show us we can expect even bigger numbers to celebrate in 2017. See below our monthly accesses graph of 2016.


Besides that, some accomplishments make us even prouder, like being recognized by OTN LA (Oracle Technology Network – Latin America) as a technical reference blog in Database Management and Performance category.

Since this recognition in June, we have the OTN LA logo in our blog page. Also since August, we have the GUOB logo, once I participated in last GUOB Tech Day as Official Blogger.


All this, however, was not achieved only by having the blog. Since the beginning we organized the weekly posting schedule and the author's pages. The consistency prove itself by our monthly access growth. The organization and commitment to keep posting relevant content is what led us to this point.

Notwithstanding those numbers, recognitions, networking, self improvement in technical skills, writing and mindset changing, there is a rewarding feeling of giving back to community a little bit we took. Since I started as DBA, I sometimes used independent blogs and references in the most critical and desperate moments. This way, nothing is better than feeling useful for someone else. Don't you think?

Looking back this year and what it represented for, I can only conclude that 2016 taught me:

  • If you have a personal project with good motivations, go for it!
  • Work hard and constantly. Have a schedule and a word in mind: Commitment.
  • Engage people that believe in you and have similar interests.
  • Don't ever feel yourself comfortable. Keep thinking in ways to disrupt your own idea and doing something different.
  • Ask for feedback to sincere people.
  • Don't miss your motivations. They are your reference.
  • And above all, I have to finish this reflection thanking. Thank you Cassiano, Dieison, Jackson, Maiquel and Rafael for being partners in this project. Also thank you everyone who supports the blog with comments, following or simply accessing. You are our reason to be.

Be sure we are preparing lots of news and even more quality content in for next year.

Thank you all and have a great New Year!